Saturday, June 18, 2011

Father's Day when Daddy is away...

Tomorrow is Father's Day which is bittersweet for us this year with R gone. As you know, I've been doing the deployment Love Dare the last couple I've been staying positive and sending little kindness e-mails. Doing the Dare has started to change me also. I've been coming face to face with how blessed we are because of him.

So, we came up with a Father's Day care package. We included things he loves.....movies, caramel popcorn, Husker window decals, homemade cards and kids artwork, cookies, and pictures! Lots of pictures.

You've all heard of Flat Daddies, right? Have you heard of Flat Brats though?

Flat Brats were created by Beth Allen of Troops in Touch. You print out the page, have the kiddos color it. Cut it out. You can laminate them or make sturdier with a stick on the back. But.....we took it a step further. We cut out their heads on pictures and glued them to the flat brat. The kids are sooo excited to see all the places Daddy takes them! Pictures to come. :-)

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  1. Flat Brats sounds like so much fun! I did something similar for one of my cousins, except it was Flat Stanley. I can't wait to see pictures!