Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Confession Time....

Confession # 1. I am not always successful (ok, never) at staying on a budget....especially when it comes to my grocery budget. (and my super hubby is a successful dave ramsey follower)

Confession # 2. I don't really like to ask for help. I think that is probably pretty typical of most military wives. We love the control and power we get from thinking we have it all together. So False!

Confession # 3. It's been really hard to get meals going and healthy while R is away.

Confession # 4. I really want to lose weight and focus on preparing healthy meals for myself and the kiddos.

I love to cook. I love to be creative, grocery shopping, and meal planning. BUT, it's been pretty hard since R has been gone. Not sure why, but I've heard it's not uncommon for military wives to struggle in these areas.
Sooo, today...I signed up for E-mealz. If you haven't heard of them, they are pretty great. They have lots of different meal plans to choose from (we chose gluten-free) and you can even choose what store you shop. (we chose wal-mart) AND, they stay on a budget. I'm pretty excited about it. It's pretty cost effective....$5 a month. I'll keep you updated!

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